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Jiangyin Simon Energy and Environmental Protection Co., Ltd


Jiangyin Simon Energy Environmental Protection Co.,LTD, as a one-stop comprehensive environmental protection equipment industry service provider, was established in 2018.

Since the company put into operation, market-oriented, driven by technological innovation, through independent research and development, introduction and digestion, joint development and other ways, the development of industry-leading environmental protection technology and complete sets of equipment, is committed to domestic and foreign complete sets of environmental protection equipment design, manufacturing, supply, installation, commissioning, after-sales service expansion of the whole process, to provide garbage incineration power generation complete sets of equipment, flue gas, leachate treatment complete sets of equipment, We provide waste incineration power generation equipment, flue gas, leachate treatment equipment, kitchen, sludge treatment equipment, hazardous waste incineration equipment, fly ash treatment equipment, electrical and control system equipment, etc. We have launched a series of energy and environmental protection equipment in the field of the core of the leading products.

Main business

A. Waste-to-Enenrgy

b1.Leachate treatment for waste-to-energy plants
b2.Landfill leachate treatment
b3.Fly ash washing, salt separation and resource utilization
b4.Integrated waste leachate treatment equipment

C1.Industrial solid waste treatment equipment
①High temperature pyrolysis gasifier
C2.Industrial waste gas treatment equipment

C3.Industrial wastewater treatment
①Zero discharge industrial wastewater treatment
②SEDI ultrapure water preparation


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